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From one hour interactive seminars to multi-day customized workshops, Pinnacle Performance Company leverages its acclaimed intention-based training methods to deliver a variety of customized communication offerings. The Pinnacle Method’s three-step process takes you through a series of practical, interactive simulations to ensure you deliver your message with purpose. Explore a sample of our offerings below.

The Award-Winning Pinnacle Method™

The award-winning Pinnacle Method applies our innovative three-step process to every form of communication, from formal presentations to difficult one-on-one conversations. We show you how focusing on your message's objective and delivery is critical in influencing audience reactions.

Regardless of your circumstances, your audience will understand why your message is important to them.

Pinnacle's award-winning, intention-based training has empowered thousands of individuals across the globe. On-site, instructor led, interactive seminars, virtual coach. Each engagement starts with diagnostics and builds towards practical simulation. No two courses are exactly the same. Everything is based on your requirements and the people attending.

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Nothing is "off-the-shelf"

Pinnacle does not deliver anything stock. Every workshop is customized and uniquely designed following our three-stage process. Our Core Building Blocks teach you how to incorporate the Pinnacle Method in your communication, and our Auxiliary Building Blocks are custom modules that help you apply our methodology to your specific circumstances.

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core building blocks

  • - First Impressions
  • - Snapshot Profile
  • - Overcoming Stage Fright
  • - Projecting a Confident Presence
  • - Vocal Dynamics
  • - Gestures and Movement
  • - Intention and Objective

auxiliary building blocks

  • - Active Listening
  • - Effective Storytelling
  • - Reactive Communication
  • - Presenting to Senior Leadership
  • - Delivering Difficult News
  • - Handling Tough Questions
  • - Stakeholder Analysis
  • - Master Introductions
  • - Courtesy Under Fire
  • - Leading a Team Through Change
  • - Providing Feedback
  • - Social Communication
  • - Customer Service Communication
  • - Being Assertive
  • - Running Effective Meetings
  • - Crafting Your Presentations
  • - One-on-One Communication
  • - Building Business Relationships
  • - Media Training
  • - Managing Conflict
  • - Utilizing Visual Aids
  • - Virtual Communication
  • - Negotiating Basics
  • - Gaining Stakeholder Commitment
  • - Positioning Statement/Elevator Pitch
  • - Memorization Techniques
  • - Impromptu Speaking
  • - Simulated Communication/Presentations
  • - Controlling a Challenging Audience
  • - Master Interviewing
  • - Customized (client centric)
  • - Private Coaching

Customized Workshops

Pinnacle brings its award-winning methodology to your company for a comprehensive, fun filled, exercise driven workshop. You'll walk away with a new set of immediately applicable skills and tools to retain them.

Workshops typically run one to three days and are customized to address your needs.

"I am a seasoned trainer and confident in my abilities and loved this class. I have walked out of here with a wealth of information and feel equipped to put it into practice in two days."
- Tonya Tiggett, Chase, Assistant Vice President, Operations

Communication And Presence (CAP) Assessments

Every great leader possesses the ability to connect with, communicate to, and influence an audience. Learn who the “A” players are in your organization and which future leaders demonstrate these critical leadership skills.

Communication And Presence (CAP) Assessments are detailed reports analyzing and comparing individuals on their body language, vocal quality, executive presence, and engagement; predictors of leadership and communication success.

Remote Assessment, Development and Live coaching

Pinnacle Master Instructors evaluate individual delivery skills, presence, and ability to influence. They diagnose areas for improvement and provide a Virtual Performance Report containing comprehensive feedback and an action plan for development.

Sample Reports:

Sample Virtual Performance Report

Through live, online coaching, Pinnacle Master Instructors diagnose challenge points, provide real time feedback, collaborate on an action plan for improvement as well as instruction in new communication and presentation modules.

How does Virtual Coach Work?

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Private Access to the Pinnacle Learning Portal

Everyone who participates in virtual coaching receives access to the Pinnacle Learning Portal, a constantly evolving library of tips, tools, videos, and guidance to help you continue developing your skills.

Through live virtual coaching, Pinnacle Master Instructors can further diagnose areas for improvement and provide real time feedback as well as instruction in new communication and presentation modules.

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Blended Offerings

The global business environment makes it difficult to assemble teams for intensive multi-day training. Pinnacle has created a variety of programs to accommodate geographically divergent teams. By combining virtual tools with our on-site offerings, you can obtain complete training while making the best use of your time.

Geographically Dispersed Personnel

We recognize how difficult it is to coordinate travel and schedules for an on-site workshop. Our combined offerings allow dispersed teams to participate in segments of training regardless of their location, saving time and travel expenses.

Senior Executives Who Rarely Have Time for Training

Senior executives are hungry for quality improvement tools, but few have the time required to participate in a day long or two day training. Our blended offerings allow you to begin your journey remotely and invest the time and energy when it's convenient for you.

Pre and Post-Training Support

The Virtual Coach suite provides you online assessment and private coaching as a complement to your in-class education, either before or after a workshop. A regular schedule of supplemental Virtual Coaching ensures you'll progress with your new skills.

Interactive Seminars

We are able to scale our workshops for concentrated, on-site, group experiences. The Pinnacle Short Course is typically 60-180 minutes. You'll leave with new skills you'll find immediately usable.

Pinnacle Performance Company

co-founders David Lewis and G. Riley Mills, authors of the acclaimed book, The Pin Drop Principle, are available for keynote addresses at corporate events, educational symposiums and association meetings. Both are accomplished actors and speakers who have spoken to audiences around the globe.

David Lewis
Co-Founder and CEO

G. Riley Mills
Co-Founder and COO

Praise For The Pin Drop Principle

"By bringing communication back to first principles, Lewis and Mills get beyond the tricks and traps and help you understand what really engages an audience."
- DYLAN TAYLOR, CEO, USA, Colliers International

"Lewis and Mills have beautifully captured their high-energy live performances and workshops in this extraordinary book. Read, enjoy, and allow The Pin Drop Principle to guide you to success!"
- KEITH J. EVANS, CEO, British Retail Consortium

"The Pin Drop Principle is a must-read for anyone who wants to dramatically enhance their ability to communicate."
- AARTI GUPTA, Vice President, Global Head, Learning & Culture, Capgemini

"In a noisy world, communication with clear intent is critical to drive change. The Pin Drop Principle is a game changer."
- TOM SCHENCKER,Director, Sales Training, Walgreens

"The Pin Drop Principle clearly, concisely, and convincingly shows you how to become a great communicator. A fast, fascinating, fun, and useful read."
- ROB NELSON, Entrepreneur and Inventor, Big League Chew