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What Are Listening Skills? A Definition


So much can be gained from listening attentively to others. In communicative situations, it is paramount to listen carefully–yet too many of us are simply waiting to speak. Truly effective communication is a collaborative process that builds consensus and understanding. If you’re not listening actively, and if you’re not really in the moment, then you’re likely to miss something important.

Listening Skills: Examples


Maximize attention spans

Today's world is full of distractions and impediments to good communication. Identifying these obstacles and ways to overcome them enables you to extend an audience's engagement. Discover the power of pattern interrupts, the value of storytelling, and ways to use your voice and body to continually renew your audience's focus.

How to listen

How to listen


Not all communication scenarios demand the same skills of a listener. Knowing the differences among the four listening types empowers you to approach each person and situation in the best possible way. Incorporate techniques to ingrain these behaviors so that active listening becomes second nature.

Project Confidence

Project Confidence


By showing the world a confident version of yourself, you will intrigue and engage an audience and gain their trust --and they're all but certain to like you being around. Projecting confidence inspires others to be confident --which engenders trust, creates motivation, and enhances your professional presence.


Do you know what listening skills you need, but not how to achieve them? Perhaps you know what you want to achieve but you don’t know what key skills you need to get there?

Pinnacle can deliver your training face to face through workshops, through our Virtual Coach™, or through a blended solution.

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