Push vs. Pull Learning? 3 Reasons Why a Blended Learning Strategy Makes Sense

Posted on June 20th, 2019 by Pinnacle Performance Company

Push vs. pull learning? Push learning content on workers? Adopt a pull learning strategy and let them focus on their own learning? What about blended learning?

Talent development professionals must consider how to best deliver the training. It’s only one consideration though. They must also think about:

  • Engagement: How do you ensure the training is so engaging employees won’t want to check their phones every three minutes?
  • Financial: What will it cost? Organizations spent $1,296 per employee on learning in 2017, according to the Association for Talent Development State of the Industry Report.
  • Relevance: Is the training immediately applicable? Can I use it as soon as I walk out my office door?
  • Retention: Will these skills stick?

Talent Development professionals also have to balance the learning needs of multi-generational workforces. Boomers tend to prefer in-class participation. Gen X prefers self-directed learning on their own schedule. And Millennials want highly personalized training on a self-directed schedule.

Millennials, in particular, want training. 87% of millennials say professional development and career opportunities are very important to them. 40% of millennials will likely leave companies though because they aren’t learning or getting the opportunity to advance as they would like.

The good news is the more training employees receive, the more they want, according to a previous study by Cerego. Unfortunately, only 45% of respondents found the training to be useful.

What is a Chief Learning Officer or Chief Human Resources Officer to do?

Push vs. Pull: Why Blended Learning is the Best Approach

For adult learners, blended learning is the best approach, according to Gallup. A push strategy mandates employees take the course. A pull strategy encourages self-directed learning. A blended approach offers the best of both worlds.

Here are three reasons why blended learning can be a good approach to talent development:

Convenient and Scalable

Employees can learn on their time and at their own pace. And because some training is delivered online, it can reach more people.


Sending employees offsite for training can be costly, particularly if travel and accommodations are involved. Employees will sacrifice some productivity in full day training sessions.

Best of both traditional and online

By combining traditional classroom, instructor-led training with online webinars and video learning modules, businesses can accelerate their talent development initiatives. Online video courses and webinars can provide an overview of key concepts. In classroom training can focus on additional concepts, collaborative problem solving, and skill application. Post training retention is delivered online, providing best practices and tips, as well as virtual coaching.

Regardless of delivery, the content must be relevant. Learners must be engaged. They must know what is in it for them.

The skills must be applied in real time and retained over time. Employees lose 90% of the skills they learned in training once they go back to their jobs, according to the American Society for Training and Development.

By providing online resources and tools for employees to revisit, blended learning can reinforce learning beyond the classroom and offer employees the opportunity to continue learning at their own pace and on their own time.

Perhaps that’s why so many businesses are adopting a blended learning strategy. Almost 70% of training hours were delivered with blended learning techniques in 2017, up from 35% the year before.

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